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           3 Orbs of Light is a Fantasy/Sci-Fi web series premiering soon.


                                                Pilot Episode           Photo Gallery


    Excutive Producer/Creator: Phillip Kim Marra
    Co-Producers: Rachel Bailit, Cali T. Rossen, Minoti Vaishnav
    Director of Photography: Phillip Kim Marra/Pkm Images
    Written by: Minoti Vaishnav


    Plot Outline

    Rachel Rouge is a normal 30-something girl with a normal job. But when the immortal wizard Kai informs her that she is destined to be one of the protectors of the

    3 Orbs of Light, Rachel is thrown into a whole new world – complete with wizards, assassins, ancient magical relics and the mysterious 3 Orbs themselves – balls of
    energy infused with the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of the universe. Along with her fellow protectors (the amazingly intelligent Teresa ‘Tres’ Wells and the
    bad-ass fighter Amy “Astrid” Jenkins), Rachel must travel back to the past and into the future to find the lost orbs before their mysterious assassin enemies do.


    In the mean time enjoy previous tests episodes that I did.


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