• Claudia Wells ( Actress )

      Thank you so much for the incredible shots you took of me !! My agent and manager are thrilled and I am, as well !!! You're an absolute pleasure to work with and your ability and use of natural light is awesome !!! So so happy with your work. With so much gratitude to you ! 

      Love, Claudia Wells…

    • Joycelyne Lew (Actress)

      5 stars - Amazing artist w creativity that is endless. Kim can produce images that are memorable and imaginative. He doesn't just take the picture he creates the image!

    • Ewart Chin (Actor / Producer

       5 star    PKM Images,was hired by me to produce a website for my acting and producing,I must say they did an amazing job in a short timeframe,I am very happy with the site and would recommend their services to anyone
    • Rachel Bailit ( Actress / Model )

      5 stars - Wonderful high quality images! Reliable, consistent and creative! Whether I need headshots, glamour shots or marketing materials-I can ALWAYS count on PKM Images!

    • Cali T. Rossen ( Actress / Producer )

      Photos taken by Kim Marra of PKM Images. What a beautiful day on El Matador Beach in Malibu, Ca. ! The weather was perfect and the photos capture the essence. Kim Marra is not only an incredible photographer, but also the director, producer and writer of the "Three Orbs of Light". I play the role of Tres in the series… our 2nd episode "Remembrance" is complete. We are planning a private screening soon.

    • Cindy Martin ( Actress / Lawyer )

      I first met Kim Marra when I was acting in the feature films "Alien Armageddon" and "Alien Dawn" and Kim was the still photographer. His work was incredible, perfect lighting and camera angles, and his shots really captured the mood of the film. We recently did a modeling shoot, and not only was Kim fun, patient and easy to work with, but the pictures turned out amazing. Kim Marra is definitely one of the best photographers in the business.

    • Zoe Salmon ( Actress) (Lawyer)

      5 stars - Kim Marra's work is incredible. Working with a new photographer is always a different experience but straight away I felt extremely comfortable with Kim. His photography skills in natural daylight are second to none and he has delivered photographs which are above and beyond what I had imagined. I am thrilled with the images and I hope to work with Kim again soon. Thank you Kim - you are not only a very talented photographer but an all round nice guy too.

    • Suzy Ovsepyan ( Mua / Hair stylist )

       5 stars - One of the great photographers around that I had a pleasure to work with.!!!

    • Raj Rajeshwar ( Actor )

      5 stars - Today I had the pleasure of working with one of the most talented and extremely humble professionals in my life. Kim Marra has a wonderful sense of composition and natural lighting. He totally understands your needs and also puts in creative inputs in situations that would be beyond your control. Besides this, he really makes the work environment around you extremely enjoyable and relaxed giving birth to amazing shots! I wish him all the best for his future endeavours and wish to work with him again very soon!!

    • Pedigree Films

      Phillip Kim Marra did the set photography, movie poster, and dvd box cover for our comedy short film "Daddy Donor".We were so pleased, we've already hired him to do the set stills and a book for our upcoming film "S2K".

    • Erica Grant ( Actress )

      5 stars - Professional, creative, and easy going a pleasure to work with I highly recommend him to anyone.

    • Naiyana Empire ( Model )

      5 stars ♥♥♥♥♥
      Kim is very professional talented photographer/ creative person!
      He is very nice , easy going and fun to work with.

      He is my dear friend now. 
      Yes ...yes.. yes..highly recommend ! Try the shoot with him !
      You will be very happy like we do.

    • Jola Janae ( Model )

      Kim's artistic vision, professionalism, talent and direction were pivotal contributing components to the successful inception of my modeling career. My inaugural professional shoot led to Model Insider Picture of the day and picture of the week. He created an exceptionally relaxed and comfortable working atmosphere that both invited and inspired an artistic synergy between us. I anxiously anticipate future projects with Kim and highly recommend PKM Images to those seeking the finest in photography.

    • Alexia Gilford ( Actress )

       5 stars - High-quality, professional images! My headshots came out great. Kim is extremely talented and I highly recommend Pkm Images for any pictures that you need.

    • Elizabeth Vought ( Designer )

      I became acquainted with Kim Marra in 1983 when I ask him to shoot still shots of one of my designs. I was extremely impressed with his artistic and professional work. Over the years, Kim has continued to create many different formats for me with perfection. he is highly recommended as a real pro, a pleasure to work with, and a rarity in his profession.

    • Ellie B. Brown

      5 stars - I'm honored to have been able to shoot with Kim Marra.. a gentle soul with an outstanding presence along with an ability to capture the best moments. Kim is a star.

    • Joe Fogg Photography

      Thank you for the fantastic work you did photographing my daughter's wedding !  Everyone is extremely happy !

    • Danny Chaplin Strand ( Inventor )

      5 stars - Kim I can't thank you enough for the extraordinary work you've done for me! And always with short notice on my part. Thanks again!

    • Bruce Krall

      I Love your work !

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