• 3 Orbs Of Light


    Excutive Producer/Creator: Phillip Kim Marra

    Co-Producers: Rachel Bailit, Cali T. Rossen, Minoti Vaishnav
    Director of Photography: Phillip Kim Marra/Pkm Images
    Written by: Minoti Vaishnav


    Plot Outline

    Rachel Rouge is a normal 30-something girl with a normal job. But when the immortal wizard Kai informs her that she is destined to be one of the protectors of the

    3 Orbs of Light, Rachel is thrown into a whole new world - complete with wizards, assassins, ancient magical relics and the mysterious 3 Orbs themselves - balls of
    energy infused with the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of the universe. Along with her fellow protectors (the amazingly intelligent Teresa 'Tres' Wells and the
    bad-ass fighter Amy "Astrid'' Jenkins), Rachel must travel back to the past and into the future to find the lost orbs before their mysterious assassin enemies do.

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